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Jun. 17th, 2008

king zach

*le sigh*

k, so I spent much of my day on ONTD due to the truly epic Twilight Tuesday ("epic", "so fucking unintentionally hilarious"-- same difference) post. For srs, I saw it at 11 am, and navigated away at around 5 pm, with some intermittent time spent on eating, going to the bathroom, and walking the dog.

Needless to say, I'm a bit sick of Twilight at the moment.

idk what else I should write about, though. I don't really want to talk about my mom having to get a biopsy on a suspicious mole on the bottom of her foot today. Then I start thinking about worst case scenarios, and those are really fucking scary.

I also don't really want to think about how my best friend called me after not having spoken to each other in over 2 months, and how I didn't pick up. I feel like such a fug person; how could I just sit and watch his name on my cell phone light up and do nothing but stare at it? I know why: I didn't want to have to answer and hear about his awesome time at NYU where he gets to meet people like Sean Penn on a weekly basis, socialize with hipsters, do 'shrooms with his new best friend, and probably get all the ass he could ever want. All the while I'm sitting here in the midwest, utterly alone and having nothing to focus on except... well, nothing.

Ugh, now I'm getting whiny. I know I shouldn't, I sort of imposed this on myself. I typically like being alone, too. Maybe if he leaves me a voicemail, I'll grow so homesick/overcome with longing to hear his voice again that I'll have to call him back and spew the truth about my sad excuse for a life. And make the decision to visit NYC next christmas, so I can have all the typical college experiences I sure as hell am not having here.

blah blah blah, idk. I think I'll go outside and watch the full moon for a while. After I watch the "Casino Night" episode of The Office that's on right now (though watching Jim/Pam might make me feel even more emo.)

Jun. 13th, 2008

king zach

Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle

Vampires or werewolves?

depends on the story and how it interprets the lore.

Based on traditional vampire/werewolf lore, I'd have to say werewolves.
I also have/had the biggest crush on Remus Lupin, so I'm biased.

Jun. 10th, 2008

king zach

Ce que j'avais faire aujourd'hui

Things I did today:

got up uncharacteristically early
got online to check MTV blog for what I'd hoped would be a worthwhile Twilight post (FAIL!!)
got onto LJ to make fun of said epic fail of a Twilight post
walked dog
ate something

Geez, for someone who has just started this seems a little much, however I'm trying to justify it by telling myself that I'm attempting to learn basic HTML/web design. Because I really don't know any; the only thing I've retained from my high school webmastering class being "< b r >" . That was an awesome class, all we did was watch youtube videos and order pizza.

Sidenote: Good on high school teachers for entering that most noble of professions.

Anyway, in the past few days I've managed to learn myself how to make several spiffy icons, found and implemented a new layout and added some tweaks (which for a technology 'tard like me is kind of a big deal), and made a few macros for twatlight once I get the cojones (and entries, and friends, etc etc) to apply to the group. Again, my excuse: I need to put the $1000s worth of image editing software (required for art school) to use.
king zach

Entry the first

oh boy, my first ever entry. which no one will be reading.

Is it sad that I've been tiptoe-ing around making an entry for weeks now? I just hadn't the faintest idea of what to write. I made this fucking LJ ages ago (and by ages I mean 3 months or so. but time has a funny way of passing incredibly slowly when you have to attend class and be studious and shit like that) but nothing really interesting ever happened. Nothing I would bother reading anyway, if I were an outsider.

Oh, this is quickly devolving into a drawn out, whiny diatribe on the lack of purpose in my life. I was afraid that would happen.

Perhaps I should just do the normal thing and tell the larger web-o-sphere about little ol' me:

My name is Alejandra (the Spanish version of Alexandra. If your brain starts to short circuit trying to think of the correct pronunciation, don't worry about it. You're either blessed with the skillz or you aren't.)

I'm a college student, majoring in art at the moment, but my allegiance to the discipline wavers constantly. I've been seriously considering English lately, were it not for the fact that I absolutely hate doing work.

I love learning things, but I don't particularly like schooling. I would say some pragmatic shit about being opposed to structure, and systems, and THE MAN, but the truth of it is I would much rather spend my time doing absolutely nothing concerning my future. I always wonder if it's normal to feel like being sick when thinking about the future, and if that feeling will ever go away, or if it's just in my cracked-out nature.

I have many loves in life, among them: breezy days, chocolate, my tattered pair of purple converse, watching television for hours on end, snuggling with my dog, drawing (when I fucking feel like it), reading (ditto), dicking around on the internet, and general silliness.

I like to think I have a fantastic and adaptable sense of humor, probably born out of my insane need to please everybody. Conversely, I have a notorious temper that can flare up without warning, especially in regards to my poor family; and I always feel like an absolute monster afterward. I'm also terrible at holding grudges.

I don't know what else to say right now. I suppose I'll reveal more about myself gradually and hopefully not in scary and/or boring-as-fuck ways. I absolutely hate boring shit.

I also like to swear quite a lot, so if you're opposed, I apologize in advance. But for realz, if one is an adult and is srsly offended by swearing, one needs to loosen the fuck up.
king zach

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